Patients who dislike doctors

If a doctor senses a pervasive dislike emanating from a patient, the chances are that that patient is a Resentful Complier, one of our Health Compliance segments. As they did in 2004, this segment represents a quarter of the 40 and older population. Considering that 27% of them have a college degree or better, it’s not surprising that half of them say they understand what their doctor tells them.

Their complaints about doctors center on their feeling that their doctor does not care about them as a person. While almost all of the Trusting Believers (96%), another Health Compliance segment, feel doctors care about them, virtually no Resentful Compliers (4%) do so. Resentful Compliers also feel doctors don’t listen to them. Whether a doctor is a specialist or not, Resentful Compliers have little faith in the treatments and medications a doctor might suggest.

They avoid doctors, making half as many doctor visits as compared to Trusting Believers. Staying away from doctors does not appear to have harmed the health of Resentful Compliers. Fewer of them have three or more chronic diseases (8%) as compared to Trusting Believers (21%). When it comes to cutting back on things like fat or sugar in their diets, Resentful Compliers do it on their own rather than on the advice of a doctor. Doctors who sense a Resentful Compliers’ low level of trust and respect for them should make it a point to listen and treat this patient with consideration, respect, and interest.

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