Motivations differ by our Health segments for 1st visit to website

In the age of COVID-19, the Internet has increasingly become a critically important source of hearing aid sales. Over our 35 years of research on the health attitudes of Americans 40 and older we have found four distinctly different segments.

Beyond health attitudes, each segment also differs in its motivations to make an initial visit to an Internet site. It is critical for those involved with hearing aid sales to understand these motivations and build marketing strategies around them.

Our Proactive segment, which represents 30% of the U.S. population, accounts for almost 60% of hearing aid sales. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Proactives also believe that hearing should be tested and that hearing aids are worth the cost.

Product adoption theory has long recognized the importance of innovators and early adopters in driving new product introduction. And it is true that all four of our Health segments reveal that a recommendation by “someone I trust” is the most important factor in making a first visit to an Internet site.

For the Proactive segment, other important reasons for a first visit to an Internet site include “recognized the brand name” and “came up on search engine.” If a hearing aid company wants to attract Proactives, the critical segment for hearing aid sales, it must establish brand recognition. Constant advertising on the Internet must show that hearing is an important component of good health.

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