Our studies show Proactives best target for hearing aid sales

The Proactives, one of our four Health segments, is only one-third of the 40 and older U.S. population, but they account for almost two-thirds of hearing aid sales. Clearly, Proactives are the best target for hearing aid manufacturers and dispensers. Not only do Proactives account for the majority of hearing aids sold, more of them are convinced of the need for regular hearing tests. This segment also believes that hearing aids don’t make the wearer look old and agrees that hearing aids are worth the cost.

Our years of research show that the Proactives’ dedication to hearing health reflects this segment’s overall commitment to healthful practices. This segment is convinced that healthful actions taken now, such as eating a healthy diet and exercising, will pay off in future good health. And the Proactives’ actual behaviors reflect these attitudes. Recent findings showing a link between wearing hearing aids and a delayed diagnosis of such illnesses as dementia and depression would be of keen interest to Proactives.

Motivating hearing aid sales among the remaining two-thirds of those 40 and older, made up of our three other Health segments, depends on understanding each segment’s health motivations and media preferences. General messages focused on technical advances aren’t sufficiently targeted.

The above graph captures just one facet of our company’s research on the health attitudes of the 40 and older U.S. population. We’ve tracked our Health segments’ attitudes toward scores of aspects of health for 35 years, surveying 25, 000 of them using national stratified samples. Our millions of pieces of data have been translated into three books on our work, the latest of which is Health Motivations: Seven Dimensions That Shape America’s Health.

In order to better understand each of our four attitudinal Health segments and their relationships to hearing aid purchase, we are fielding a syndicated study in October 2020. To learn more about our segments and our unique study, download the attached brochure. It details the questions in the study, from sources of health information to the most highly rated hearing aid brands. Our syndicated study also explores how a friend or family member could influence hearing aid purchase.

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